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vi·sion [ˈviZHən] noun the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

Vision is the dream drawing your forward. Internally we lean toward the following definition (Vision is having a bigger picture goal for what you will accomplish that is larger than what you accomplish day to day.)

Vision vs. Apathy

I am a strong believer in the significance of having a vision for motivation and for accomplishing the bigger tasks that look "too big to succeed" at the moment.

This belief is the basis for taking action that doesn't produce immediate results (instant gratification).

If we can agree that Vision is essential, we have completed the overview of the key paradigms and are now ready to start digging into implementing them.

Note that I feel there are 3 reasons to hold a belief in Vision

  1. Observational: People with vision accomplish a lot more than those without
  2. Pragmatic: A vision will help a person stay motivated when the going is tough
  3. Theological: "Without a vision the people perish"Pro 29:18

Here is an initial model of my operational (bigger picture) Vision that is the driving force behind this entire model.

This is broken down into 7 distinct stages - in application there will probably be some blurring between the designations and there will definitely be work on all the preceding levels as we continue to progress further.

  1. Personal Disciplines & Habits (Working on ourselves)
  2. Practical Skills & Application (building a stable value proposition)
  3. Core Business Team (Allow for specialization)
  4. Strategic Partnerships (Connect with other teams but continue working on internal projects)
  5. Strategic Ventures (Work on joint projects that each team individually would not attempt)
  6. General Outreach (Probably distinctly educational in nature)
  7. Political Action