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or·der [ˈôrdər] noun an arrangement that displays the relationship between elements via a particular sequence, pattern, or method.

Order vs. Nihilism

I am a strong believer in order in nature. I believe in purpose and structure. I believe there is an order that can be discovered, measured and used to predict further order.

This belief is the basis for all scientific observation (if there is no order, or purpose, then there is nothing to observe).

If we can agree that our environment has a certain amount of order we are ready to move to the next point.

Note that I feel there are three reasons to hold a belief in order

  1. Observational: examples of order surround us.
  2. Pragmatic: nihilism is depressive (even the dictionary lists optimism as an antonym).
  3. Theological: God created order and delights in order. I Co 14:40