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dis·ci·ple·ship [diˈsīpəlˌSHip] noun a follower or student of a teacher, leader, or philosopher.

Discipleship is raising up others to follow in your footsteps Internally we lean toward the following definition (Discipleship is sharing what we have learned in such a way that others can and do follow in our footsteps.)

Discipleship vs. Y

I am a strong believer in Discipleship

This belief is the basis for sharing what we have learned and replicating our team.

If we can agree that discipleship is important, we are ready to move on to the next step.

Note that I feel there are 3 reasons to hold a belief in Discipleship

  1. Observational: Teaching an idea will allow you to clarify your own understanding providing benefits to both parties
  2. Pragmatic: No organization lasts forever - pass on what you have learned to continue having an impact (by proxy) on your world
  3. Theological: Jesus created a pattern with His disciples - when he was killed the disciples continued the work He had started.