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cau·sal·i·ty [kôˈzalətē] noun the relationship between cause and effect.

Causality vs. Fatalism

I am a strong believer in causality in nature. I believe that the pattern of sowing and reaping extends across every aspect of life.

This belief is the basis for all scientific research (if there is no cause and effect, no repetition, then there is no reason to research.

If we can agree that our environment is filled with (and largely defined by) cause and effect sequences, then we are ready to move to the next point.

Note that I feel there are 3 reasons to hold a belief in causality

  1. Observational: examples of cause and effect surround us
  2. Pragmatic: without cause and effect I am constrained with "what will be, will be". Human action is then meaningless. In a fully constrained system entropy is meaningless.
  3. Theological: God clearly and repeatedly defines cause and effect sequences Gal 6:7